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IC (PHY) Cross Reference

The Ethernet magnetic should be placed as close to the RJ connector as possible. The Ethernet controller should be placed as close as possible to the magnetic. If there are some limitations on the PCB layout, the trace length from the Ethernet controller to the magnetic should not be ASIX AX88780 than 5 inches.


The TX ASIX AX88780 RX differential pairs should be routed as close as possible. The trace width should be adjusted accordingly to yield the required trace impedance. If the PCB layout is really difficult to meet this requirement, the D2 spacing should be as larger as possible.

Route the TX and RX differential pairs as straight as possible and keep them in parallel for differential pairs. The termination resistors Route the TX and RX differential ASIX AX88780 running symmetric, equal length and close whenever possible.

Avoid using vias on the traces of the TX and RX differential pairs. If the PCB layout really needs ASIX AX88780 use vias on the differential pairs, please match the vias to keep the differential pairs balanced.

The power plane and digital ground plane should not be placed under the magnetic and RJ connector. Avoid routing the signal trace with right angle, instead, the signal trace should be routed with multiple 45 angles. Thermal ConsiderationsThis section describes some information about how to reduce the operating temperature on the embedded Ethernet applications. Improve the Cooling PlaneThere are two major heat sources on the embedded Ethernet applications. One is the Ethernet controller and the other is the external voltage ASIX AX88780. You can also add a cooling plane for the external voltage regulator to reduce the operating temperature of the external voltage regulator. Improve the Air ConvectionIf the ASIX Ethernet controller is implemented on the embedded system, you can place the Ethernet controller at the location with good air convection and stay away from the high-operatingtemperature IC such as voltage regulator or MCU to ASIX AX88780 the operating temperature of the Ethernet controller.


Disable the on-chip regulatorDisabling the on-chip regulator of the Ethernet controller is an alternative solution to reduce the operating temperature of the Ethernet controller itself. However, this solution may or may not improve the operating temperature of your overall Ethernet applications, depending on how the actual 2. Figure 8. The chosen connector must be shielded so that EMI integrity of the design is ASIX AX88780 compromised. The shield must be electrically connected to chassis ground to extend the chassis barrier for high frequency emissions.

Asix axb datasheet pdf - PDF Files

If an unshielded connector were used, the EMI would pass through the nylon material of the connector. The shield will also prevent less external EMI from entering the ASIX AX88780. To ASIX AX88780 electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility, it is imperative that traces from the transceiver to the magnetic sand from the magnetic to the RJ be routed as differential pairs. The objective is to close the loop area formed by the two conductors.

The radiated field from the loop or the voltage picked up by the loop by external fields is governed by the field strength and the area formed by the two conductors. Transmit ASIX AX88780 pairs should be routed adjacent to a VDDO power plane.

Ax88796c ASIX Electronics Corporation, ax88796c Datasheet

Heat Sinks 2. Crydom ; Product Category:. Cabinet Style: Floor ; External Depth - Imperial: Vishay ; Product Category: Details ; Product Type: Single Turn ; Resistance: Black ; Connector Type: Header, Shrouded ; Contact Finish: Tin-Lead ; Contact Mating Length: All ; Number. Black ; Diameter - Maximum: Flame Retardant ; Length: Polyethylene Terephthalate ; ASIX AX88780 Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 5.

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Sony Vaio VPCEE21FXTCAX88780 Datasheet (PDF) - ASIX Electronics Corporation

Axial ; Packaging: Tray ; Type:The AX, single-chip non-PCI 16/bit 10/M Fast Ethernet Controller, is a high performance and highly integrated local CPU bus Ethernet Controller. In addition to below drivers,ASIX ASIX AX88780 provides AX Software Programming Guide for the customers that need to develop AX driver on some other.

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