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Chuck Cranor ported the sun4c code to the 8KB pagesize sun4 architecture, and Theo merged this code in a way that would allow the same kernel and programs to run on either sun4c or sun4 machines unlike Sun's separate kernel environments. This last change also required a rewrite of the device configuration code. Chuck spent many long hours working on the ie, xy, xd device drivers. Theo continued working independently, and made a number of additions: P4 support, flexible boot strategy, a few graphics drivers with the help from John Stone, and masses of bug fixes. The initial sun4m work was passed to Aaron Brown of Harvard, who was paid out of Margo Seltzer's research funds.

This initial stuff consisted mostly of a few ActionTec PE200 at building pmap structure that could support all 3 MMU types efficiently. The following items need to be fixed for that to happen: Old cruft needs to be eliminated.

ActionTec PCMCIA Network card PE - TechRepublic

Oh, how the times have changed Also, many of the model numbers listed in this document are no longer ActionTec PE200, and are probably not of much interest to the vast majority of people. Personally, I think hardware that hasn't been available for more than 5 years or so can safely be removed. Old versions of this document will always be available on the Internet URLs in this document need updating.

I've begun to do that, but it is a big job Diffs are welcome. In the process of updating and converting this document to DocBook, some cruft was introduced.

Newer interfaces such as USB need to be added into the list. And, of course, random hardware that just isn't listed in this document needs to be added. ActionTec PE200


All of this is going to require a lot of work. I can use the help. After he fell off the face of the planet in late or early and we all miss him from IRC, I might addPatrick Reijnen took over sometime in and continued to ActionTec PE200 this document until late Recent versions ActionTec PE200 this document contained the following: Special thanks to Eric Boerner and lilo the person, not the program for the sanity checks. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this document over the years.

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  • DOS ain't dead

In addition, I'd like to thank the many members of the Southern Illinois Linux Users Group and the Linux Users of Central Illinois for giving me so many interesting problems to solve over the years, and, of course, my wife Kara for putting up with me ActionTec PE200 these years. Revision History The following is the revision history of this document since I Steven Pritchard took over maintenance.


Revision ActionTec PE200 Revised by: Add some laptop notes. Add information about the 3ware series cards.

Zotac ZBOXNANO-VD01-PLUSContact the seller
Compaq Presario 700EA Notebook ADI SoundMAX AudioActionTec PCMCIA FastNet Plus PE1500 DOS driver needed
Dell XPS 400 TEAC CA200 Card ReaderDriver Details:
Asrock E350M1 RealtekTop 5 for Network card category:

Revision 3. Fixed up some of the video card entries.

I should probably go one more ActionTec PE200 and make that "proprietary, closed-source" or something similar. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Added placeholder IEEE section. Updated various other sections.

Very Computer

I am having ActionTec PE200 finding Windows drivers for the ActionTec PCMCIA Network card. P/N PE Does anybody knows where I can.

Win95/98 & ActionTec PE200 NT drivers work also with PReMAX PMX PE ethernet pccard. Tested OK with Win Check also

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