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The work was adopted at once by the University of Paris, and, superseding the existing Latin dictionaries of which the "Cornucopia " of Aldus Manutius, issued inwas perhaps the most importantit remained for many years the standard authority on its subject, as well as a monument to the learning and industry of a representative publisher. In all preceding editions, blanks appeared where these Greek citations should have been inserted. The publisher claimed that he had also been able, by collation of the best MSS. Between the years andRobert printed of " Terence " no less than eleven editions. The first edition of the previously referred to " Dictionary of the Latin Language " bears date this year ; it AT PREMIO GAME I218 printed in folio. In the course of twelve years, two later and revised editions were issued. The general acceptance of the Dictionary as the best work on its subject made it an object for the rapacity of a number of unscrupulous reprinters, and various unauthorised reprints appeared, some of which were seriously incorrect or incomplete.

Estienne appears to have accepted with philosophy the inevitable injury to his business interests, but complained bitterly at the loss to his repute as a scholar, caused by foisting upon the public, over his name, slovenly and inaccurate work. A second impression of the Scriptures, entitled "Biblia.


Interpretationibus et Hebrseorum Commentariis, etc. Notwithstanding Robert s care in fortifying himself with the royal privilege, and with a license from the University censors who for theological works were at that. The Early Printer-Publishers of France 33 time appointed by the Sorbonnethe divines of the college renewed their warfare against him on the ground that he had dared to AT PREMIO GAME I218 the Scriptures at all. From the severest effects of this odium theologicum Robert was preserved through the personal influence of King Francis.

He was obliged, however, to engage to print nothing further, presumably nothing of a doctrinal character, nisi cum bona eorum gratia.


The edition of had apparently lasted for four years. Robert again hazarded the wrath of the divines by a third edition of the " Biblia," for which the demand had evidently continued.

This time he escaped without interference. This year was marked by the appearance of a fourth impression of the Latin Scriptures. This presented some considerable modifications from the plan of the previous issues. It gave the Vulgate text, AT PREMIO GAME I218 with new and important elucidations, and it gave further, for comparison with the text, various readings based upon the Hebrew and Greek. The title is elaborate: His accesserunt schemata Tabernaculi Mosaici et Templi Solomonis, quae prseunte Francisco Vatablo, Hebraicarum literarum Regio professore doctissimo, summa arte et fide expressa sunt. This is the first publication of Robert s containing the specification of his title as " Printer to the King.

The official recognition and approval given by the Crown to his undertakings could not, however, save these from the censure and indignant opposition of the divines, and they did what they could to check and to discourage his publications.

Robert was brought into special jeopardy and AT PREMIO GAME I218 through an impression of the Decalogue executed in in large characters, and printed in the form AT PREMIO GAME I218 a hanging map for affixing to the walls of chambers and school-rooms. Such an undertaking seems to our present understanding innocent enough, whether considered from a Romanist or from a Protestant point of view, but in this publication of the Ten Commandments, the divines appear to have discovered little less mischief than in all the heresies of Luther. During this year, Estienne goes on to say, there were instituted against him on the part of the Sorbonne, various rigorous proceedings.

His house was frequently searched for heretical works, and in order to avoid being arrested, he was not infrequently compelled to absent himself from home and to betake himself for safety to the King s Court.

This description of a publisher taking refuge at Court in order to protect himself against the violence of officials who were at least nominally the King s censors, throws a curious light on both the strength and the weakness of the Crown. With all the authority of the kingdom at his command, Francis was evidently unable to put any AT PREMIO GAME I218 upon the operations of AT PREMIO GAME I218 ecclesiastical censors, who in their dogmatic and unruly zeal a Greswell, i. The Early Printer-Publishers of France 35 were doing what was in their power to throw the influence of the University against the literary development of France and of Europe.

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On the other hand, the Doctors of the Sorbonne, although backed by the authority of Rome, were not strong enough, at least for a number of years, to put a stop to the publication in Catholic Paris of works stigmatised bythem as dangerously heretical. Inundismayed by the dissatisfaction and continued threats of the Sorbonne, Robert put forth a Latin Pentateuch, entitled " Libri Moysi quinque AT PREMIO GAME I218 annotationibus," etc.


This last was sharply attacked on the ground that the editor in this case the publisher himself had expressed himself objectionably on the subjects of purgatory and confession. He published, as a companion to his "Cicero," an edition in quarto of " Quintiliani Institutiones Oratoriae.


Appeared a new impression of the entire works of " Cicero," the demand for whose writings appeared to be steadily increasing. Editions were printed in octavo of a number of the AT PREMIO GAME I218 historians, including " Sallust" and " Suetonius. The completion of the quarto edition of the Hebrew Scriptures, issued in twenty-four parts, which Maittaire describes as a magnificent work. In this year appeared also, printed in folio, the magnificent series of the Greek ecclesiastical writers, the Greek texts in which were printed with the royal Greek characters recently cast under instructions from the King.

This was a grammatical work for AT PREMIO GAME I218 instruction of youth, now first printed. Robert had for five years been making preparation for this edition by the collection both of printed texts and of MSS. For the notes, use had been made of the material of Erasmus.

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