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Some punters love numeric keypads on notebooks, others loath them.

Personally, I don't think they're a very useful feature, but it all depends on your preferences, and to a lesser extent, your profession. I don't mind having it, but if a trackpad offset to the right is the price to pay, I'd rather Acer eMachines E725 a regular keyboard. The touchpad is quite big, and it's pretty fast and responive. The keys feel fine, and they don't have much travel, which is again typical of Acer. Ergonomics, Everyday use Here's where it gets tricky.


We already said it has just two USBs, but they're both on the left side of the chassis. In fact, all of its connectors are on the left, and when we say all, it's not that many actually. The front side is also quite clean, with a couple of LEDs and the 5-in-1 memory card reader hidden from prying eyes. The story repeats at the back. Obviously the major issue is lack of USB ports, even most netbooks have three nowadays, and the fact that they're both placed on Acer eMachines E725 left side is quite odd and awkward.

Acer eMachines E725-423G16Mi - laptop specifications.

Also, a video out would be nice. Other than that, the E is pretty straightforward, and it's rather pleasant to use. The screen is good, although the vertical viewing angle is a bit limited, in the horizontal you'll have plenty of space to move about.


Here is where Acer, or eMachines if you like, saved some cash. This is the first time Acer eMachines E725 came across a Most vendors offer x screens on similar products.

Acer eMachines E - External Reviews

It seems consumers like to see a Most products in this market segment suffer from excessive heating, as they're usually based on previous generation dual-cores and obsolescent chipsets. It's a pretty cool runner, and therefore it's quiet too. Battery life was average. The mAh unit managed over 2 hours and Acer eMachines E725 minutes in DVD playback.

ASRock Vision 3D 146B Fresco USB 3.0Editing This Page
Daewoo LB700 17 TFT-LCDAcer eMachines E725 - 15.6-inch affordable laptop

It's still not enough to see Kurtz die in Apocalypse Now Redux, but it's a pretty good score. Obviously you can expect a bit more in regular use, and we were getting over 3 hours easy. Here's where the T shows what it's Acer eMachines E725 off, and it has nothing to be ashamed off. In most benchmarks it can easily keep up with a 65nm Core 2 Duo on the same clock, and in some tests it even beats it, although by a tight margin. We're comparing it to the recently tested Dell Vostro powered by a T Cinebench In Cinebench it can keep up with the Core 2 Duo in the single core test, but it doesn't seem to scale as well, so it's left behind in the dual core bench.

Acer eMachines E - inch affordable laptop -

Acer eMachines E725 Conclusion So how is Acer's revival of eMachines going? The T, however, is a 45nm chip, and it runs at MHz on an MHz bus, which sounds great considering the price.

However, thanks to Intel, most consumers have no idea what the T actually is, and nobody could blame Acer eMachines E725 if they went for a cheap, 65nm Core 2 Duo, thanks to branding and marketing. As our review will show, this would be a mistake, a big one. While we're talking hardware, let's take a look at the rest of the spec before we move on. Oddly, it has just two USBs, but we'll get round to that in a minute.

Design and Build Quality Nobody was obviously trying to hide the E's Acer heritage, and it borrows a few design and layout elements from Acer's Like many The lid looks interesting and sets it apart from most value products. Although it Acer eMachines E725 a glossy black finish, the subtle surface pattern does a good job keeping Acer eMachines E725 and smudges away. The glossy black theme is continued on the panel bezel and the glossy panel itself.


Even the rubber cushions on the bezel are glossy. It actually looks pretty good, and the bumpy lid is a nice touch, it is both aesthetically pleasing and useful, as it doesn't get as dirty as ordinary glossy finish. Because gamers have been conditioned to believe that more is better, it is common to see entry-level boards with far more RAM than they need. This page provides reviews and other infos about the Acer eMachines E of the series eMachines E laptop. Acer eMachines E is Acer eMachines E725 inch display affordable laptop. The detailed specifications of the new Acer eMachines E laptop are.

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