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This allows you to place USB devices anywhere in the room, free up your table from cable clutter, and enjoy the freedom Nokia 7210 HAMA USB wireless mobility with access to devices. This document provides a reference review of the adapter set, providing information regarding installation and setup, the usage scenarios with different USB devices, and the expected performance and range. The entire process setup takes minutes. The package includes the two adapters, a table adapter, CD, and power supply.

Connect the PC adapter to PC. Perform association pairing between the PC adapter and the device adapter.

Pairing is done for security purposes, and is performed by attaching both adapters simultaneously to the PC. After a few seconds a message is displayed that pairing is complete. Remove the device adapter from the PC and place it in the Nokia 7210 HAMA USB adapter. Connect the power supply to the table adapter.

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As such, the adapter set provides full room coverage, both with line of site and with no line of site note that it is not designed to operate across rooms. To test performance, the adapter set was used in a large meeting room measuring 10x4 meters 30x12 feet.


The laptop and PC adapter were placed in one Nokia 7210 HAMA USB of the room, and each time a different device was placed in the other side of the room. To verify line of site, and non-line of site behavior, devices were sometimes placed on a shelf or within a closet, and people were sitting and passing within the wireless link. Performance was not affected by increasing the range, or by a lack of line of site between adapters. USB device location 2 USB device location 1 USB device location 3 Link establishment was tested by exiting the room with the laptop to intentionally break the wireless link between the notebook and an external hard disk drive.

Then, once returning to the room, the wireless link was automatically re-established, enabling connectivity to the hard drive, without requiring any involvement. This simulates a common scenario where your notebook is connected to a peripheral device and you leave the room with the notebook, returning after a while. With wired USB you have to disconnect and connect devices, while with Wireless USB the adapter set automatically re-connects you to the device once back in range, with no further action. Testing was performed ausing a variety of methods, as described below: Device adapter was blocked Nokia 7210 HAMA USB 30 seconds by placing both hands over the adapter to break the link. After removing hands, the connection recovered automatically. Same was performed with the PC adapter.

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The Nokia 7210 HAMA USB was re-established automatically. After returning back to operating mode, the wireless link was established automatically in each of these scenarios. Data rate was measured with a variety of USB devices: For wireless, the printer was placed in one side of a meeting room, and files were sent to print from a laptop, while sitting at the other side of the room.

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Two measurements, commonly used by the print industry, were used: The table below shows that there was hardly any difference in user experience between wired and Wireless USB connectivity. Also note that wireless performance remains the Nokia 7210 HAMA USB when increasing the distance from 3 meters to meters.


COM PAGE 7 The multi-function printer was also tested with wireless scanning and reading data from the built-in card reader. Exiting the room with the laptop forced the wireless link to disconnect. Then, after entering the room, the link was automatically re-established and the disk was again available—without any user involvement. This package installs the software for connecting Nokia mobile Nokia 7210 HAMA USB to a PC or notebook via USB. If this package has been installed.

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