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Firing the gun is still not as quick as using the mouse and I am consistently returning more kills and fewer deaths by using a conventional mouse and keyboard set up.

Download OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament 3 (Easy) Profile .

The device is certainly a revelation as there is simply nothing else out there on the market that can compare. However I do wonder if the device is better suited to faster paced games where the action is non-stop. I wonder how the nia will cope with other popular online games such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft where the end user will need the ability to balance the pace of their inputs. Games such as the Quake and Unreal Tournament series do lend themselves to a faster paced game and the fine balance of control, OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament.

A few seconds later, I realized their movements weren't so random: I gave the Pong practice game a shot, using my jaw to move a paddle to hit the bouncing ball. Everything seemed to be going well, so I went to the software's Game Play dialog, loaded up the "easy" Unreal Tournament 3 profile, and opened the UT3 demo. My initial attempt was hopeless, OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament my character jumping randomly and all attempts to use the glance controls failing.

After a few more tries and a loosening of the headband lanyardI was able to use a partially relaxed jaw position to walk, a slightly clenched jaw position to jump, and a fully clenched jaw position to fire. Glancing left and right made my character strafe jump, albeit with varying efficacy. To get the glance controls to translate into proper strafing motions, I had to dig into the software and create a custom profile that made glance movements "stick" and respond more sensitively to my input. I also gave Codemasters' shiny racing game Race OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament The default "Race" control scheme didn't seem to work OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament this game, so I had to create my own, binding the "glance" sensor to steering and the "muscle" sensor to acceleration and braking.


My first attempt was equally hopeless, but I failed to get better over time in this case. I think the culprit was the glance sensor, which seemed a little too slow and flaky for tight turns. The awkwardness of having to look away from the road to steer probably didn't help, either.

OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator (nia) - The Log

Frustrated and making no real progress, I gave up about an hour later and ended up focusing my efforts on UT3. Llwyd Johnson My OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament use of the nia was the Calibration panel. Here the aim is to keep your activity readout at the baseline level. During the calibration, a gyroscope is displayed for you to focus on, allowing the software to gauge your idle activity. At first, the activity readout was extremely erratic and did not correspond to any of my deliberate inputs be it mental or muscular.

After some tweaking and practice however, I was able to carefully and accurately control the readout with the use of facial muscles. While this might sound like an unattractive prospect, pulling faces to provide simple inputs, after some practice I was able to manipulate the OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament with very little facial movement at all. Instead, just thinking about moving facial muscles seemed to work just as well.

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Once I had the hang of this particular input, I was able to use the Reaction Time and Pong practice games. My experience with Pong was similar to that of the calibration. At first, I struggled to have any control over the paddle, but after some practice and settings adjustments I slowly gained far more accurate control.


The reaction time tests used the same input but also allowed mouse input for comparison. At first, the times were around the same but as I slowly overcame the powerful urge to click with my hand rather than my face, the times started to come down to the 0.

Unfortunately the third practice, Glance Practice, was quite an uphill struggle, both for myself and others present. After calibration, it was clear the sensor was able to detect eye movement, but responded completely without regard to glance direction, making its utilization in-game nearly impossible. From my brief encounter with the nia, I think it is clear to see how much potential this hardware has. It was an extremely surreal experience causing the slightest influence on input with my hands sitting on my lap. In the few hours I was using the nia, it did feel like OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament was hitting a 'brain training' wall.

OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator - The Tech Report - Page 2

I found it impossible to control any of Beta or Alpha inputs while in-game and, as I said, Glance was a non-starter, which has left me feeling a little bit disappointed, despite it OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament being totally down to me. I use them mostly with BioExplorer - any chance of a community-generated driver for OpenVibe?: Mer 21 Sep - Sujet du message: Would this work with windows vista 64bit? Is there any drivers.

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Moving the driver into your ear will make the spatialization less accurate no matter how good the frequency response. Brooklyn 17 Jun at The default screen is the Featured section which highlights sales and new digital releases. The nia OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament Game Controller frees your hands from commonly used game controls to experience true game immersion by translating facial expressions, eye. OCZ nia Game Controller Unreal Tournament 3 (Easy) Profile free download. Get the latest version now. The nia PC Game Controller frees.

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