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My best example came from testing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a shooting game that is admittedly unoptimized but that can also scale down on PC to reach decent frame rates.

But I simply couldn't get there at full p resolution. I dropped the settings to PUBG's lowest visual preset—with some of the ugliest textures known to humanity, along with awful Razer Blade Keyboard rendering and other visual hiccups—and still never reached a consistent refresh above 95fps. It was usually closer to 85fps.

And that winds up being the issue with games from the modern era: That's totally Razer Blade Keyboard in terms of the Blade Pro FHD's specs, and you can reach perfectly fine 60Hz performance without frame rate spikes or visual tearing. It's also one of the first Razer laptops to offer dual storage Razer Blade Keyboard Gigabit Ethernet. The new Blade gives a master class in navigating the treacherous road between affordability and power. Design The Blade 15 is an '80s throwback in the best possible way.

It's teeny, tiny rounded corners gives the laptop a boxy shape that conjures up memories of epaulette-style shoulder Razer Blade Keyboard found on those old-school women's powersuits. Either way, it's a got a funky, retro style that I'm digging. The lid which has some noticeable flex in the middle has Razer's trademark verdant three-headed serpent casting a seductive glow.

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When I opened the lid, my eyes were transfixed on the Chroma keyboard, which, settled in its slight recess, looked like a cluster of stars shining against the all-encompassing darkness of space that is the black Razer Blade Keyboard chassis. To fully play up the luminosity of the keyboard, the speakers are mounted on Razer Blade Keyboard side of the recess with the power button surreptitiously nestled away in the left speaker.

Razer Blade Keyboard Blade 15 has a funky, retro style that I dig. Razer also sells the base model in a truly striking Mercury White frame. Razer's sticking to its lightweight gaming cred, as the Blade 15 weighs 4.

It's slightly lighter than the Alienware Razer Blade Keyboard 4. Details were sharp enough that I could see the individual ringlets in the girl's magenta-and-lilac locks. The Hertz screen had no problem delivering Razer Blade Keyboard graphics as I played The Witcher 3: I shot an orangey-red column of fire at an incoming bandit, causing him to drop to the ground, writhing in agony.


I ran him through with my sword and took time to admire the sheen of Geralt's ashen-white locks before moving onto my next foe. Based on our testing, the Blade 15's Razer Blade Keyboard can reproduce percent of the sRGB color gamut.

Razer Blade 14" Gaming Laptop Rz09-0102 Palmrest Keyboard Touchpad 10966566 GLP

It easily surpassed Razer Blade Keyboard percent mainstream gaming laptop average as well as the Hero II's percent. The m15 and Stealth Thin tied at percent. Highest Resolution Screens But it would have been nice if the Blade 15's panel were brighter.


Averaging nits of brightness, it fell short of the nit category average. Audio Don't let Razer Blade Keyboard unassuming pair Razer Blade Keyboard top-mounted speakers fool you -- the Blade 15 gets pretty loud while remaining relatively accurate. Listening to Pentatonix's "Can't Sleep Love," I could clearly hear every part of the five-person harmony on maximum volume. The sound managed to cover our entire medium-size test lab, thanks to a sizable boost from the Dolby Atmos software. While the p display is already sharp and leads to better battery life and performance, there is a reason to upgrade to the 4K display: As I received a p model to review, my display testing revolves around this unit and how it conforms to sRGB.

Razer Blade review: Riding the knife edge between gaming and work - CNET

A contrast ratio of around This panel covers If this was closer to the correct point, the display would perform similarly to the best laptop displays, such as the Surface Book. Razer keyboards are equipped with Razer's own key switch technology, Featured on the Razer Blade Pro, the Razer Ultra-Low Profile Switch allows you to. Designed for Gamers, the Razer Blade Stealth sets the new standard for ultra-mobility Razer Blade Keyboard Chroma keyboard enables unique personalization.

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