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I think that's the first thing I would have done before even attempting to update the Firmware of the ODD, Nec ND-3520A ODD wasting my money on new and more expensive optical media. I understand that it's the manufacturer of the DVD dye, but don't know how good or bad they are.

Virtually all CD and DVD discs get re-branded, which means that one company puts it's name on the disc while another supplies the dyes for them, which in turn results in very different quality levels of optical media. But from my own experience, I know that Verbatim are among the top five best optical Nec ND-3520A ODD manufacturers. Those are my preferred optical media brands.


I think Traxdata and Imation may be worth trying as well. I don't know how bad or good they are today, but I had bad experience with Traxdata in the past, as well as some Fuji-Film media I Nec ND-3520A ODD in high volumes which was basically waste of money, so I don't dare to try any of these two today. But that's another rule of thumb to remember, don't buy high volumes of a product you're unfamiliar with! Verbatim, TDK, and Maxell are the best you can get.

Nec nda firmware update

If the burning process fails with any of these, then it's Nec ND-3520A ODD unlikely that it will succeed with a lower quality optical media. You could try with a TDK or Maxell media if you haven't tried these, but I would have stopped after testing Verbatim media. Actually that would have been my first step before ever spending my money on additional optical media.


The Linux community recommended the use of Img Burn for burning the image-file. This was probably the first time I ever used Img Burn, even thou I was familiar with the software from Nec ND-3520A ODD since many use it for their image-file burning needs.

The operation succeeded and the disc was bootable, and I was able to open it in Windows Explorer as well. Several weeks passed after that day and I am assuming that at some point some change must have been done to the operating system Windows Vista bit because I found out my ODD Nec ND-3520A ODD unable to read Data discs. Also, opening a Data disc in Windows Explorer caused it to crash and restart.


But I was able to open Audio CD discs. If this service was inactivated I was able Nec ND-3520A ODD open Data discs in the normal Windows mode as well, of course.

I don't remember the exact details about this problem Nec ND-3520A ODD it was like three months ago or so. But if you want I can post my notes about this problem. Even thou my problem was related to reading Data discs and or the Shell Hardware Detection service under Windows Vista, the solution for this problem may be applicable for your problem as well. I never Nec ND-3520A ODD writing new discs actually, if I did I may not have been able to do that.

Sony NEC Optiarc DVD RW NDA Silver Optical drives specifications

I wish I had tested that, but the more important thing for me at the moment was to make the ODD read Data discs. If you want to try the solution anyway, then follow the instructions below. Write msconfig in the text field. Press Enter key to open MS Config msconfig. Click the Service tab. In the list that appears, find the service called Shell Hardware Detection and uncheck the checkmark for it on the left Nec ND-3520A ODD to inactivate it.


As this list may be very long, here are two tricks to find the right service fast and more easy. Option 1 Click the Service column to sort the services by name. That should make it more easy Nec ND-3520A ODD find it. You can combine this option with option 2 if you like. Option 2 Click on the Nec ND-3520A ODD of any of the services in the list to make the list in focus, and then press the keyes S, H, E, L, L on your keyboard in a fast sequence. This should make the right service found and marked "semi-automatically".

Oh, by the way, this little trick is applicable with any such list in any version of Windows, i. Click OK to save the settings. Click OK once Nec ND-3520A ODD to restart the computer when prompted, or restart the computer at a later time when you're ready. Free Download Nec NDA ODD Firmware (Firmware).

Free Download Nec NDA/AG ODD Firmware (Firmware).

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