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Lee et al, Nat. Ignace Jarrige Nickel-rich lithium transition metal oxides have been recently considered as one of most promising cathode materials for high energy density lithium-ion batteries. However, the instability of the cathode electrolyte interface has been the major technological barrier for the development of nickel-rich cathodes. The early research has simply HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker this interfacial instability to the electrochemical oxidation of the commonly used carbonate solvents without much discussion on the nature of the parasitic reactions.

A proprietary high precision electrochemical system was built in-house to quantitatively measure the rate and kinetics of the side reactions between the delithiated cathode and the non-aqueous HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker. Our results clearly indicated the dominant chemical reaction within the working potential window is the chemical, not electrochemical, reaction between the intermediate phase of cathode and the electrolyte, generating locally concentrated protons at the surface of the cathode materials. Figure 1 shows a generic mechanism of parasitic reactions occurring at the interface of cathode materials. Additional help from advanced characterization tools, such as synchrotron probes, will be also be discussed. John Hill Nudaurelia Capensis? Here we use X-ray crystallography, biochemistry, Small Angle X-ray Scattering, and electron cryo-microscopy and image reconstruction CryoEMto characterize maturation intermediates, an associated auto-catalytic cleavage, the kinetics of morphological change and to demonstrate that regions of N?

V subunit folding are maturation-dependent and occur at rates determined by their quasi-equivalent position in the capsid. Subunits fold at position-dependent rates during maturation of a eukaryotic RNA virus. Annual review of biophysics Virus particle dynamics derived from CryoEM studies. Curr Opin Virol Ignace Jarrige Light olefins production utilizes the energy intensive process of steam cracking. Fischer-Tropsch to olefins FTO synthesis potentially offers a more sustainable alternative. Here we show a promising FTO catalyst comprised of iron oxide nanoparticles supported on carbon nanosheets CNS fabricated from the carbonization of potassium citrate, which incorporates well dispersed K-promoter throughout the CNS support.

Detailed characterization, including synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy, illustrates that the CNS support facilitates iron oxide reduction to metallic iron, leading to efficient transformation to the active iron carbide phase during FTO reaction. Since K is a commonly used promoter, our K-promoted CNS support potentially has broad utility beyond the FTO reactions demonstrated in the current study. Ignace Jarrige Crystallization is ubiquitous in nature and semicrystalline polymers are of crucial importance in HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker daily life.

Compared with small molecules, polymers crystallize via a more complex pathway because of their long chain nature and various HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker states associated with polymer crystals. In this talk, I will show that this complex conformational change of polymer chains upon crystallization can be employed to design and fabricate functional nanomaterials.

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Not only can this type of dynamic interface direct the crystallization pathway, it can also alter chain packing in the final crystals, leading to intriguing macroscopic properties. In particular, curved interface, which is incommensurate with the classical translation symmetry, frustrates chain packing, and induced defect formation, a topic that will be discussed in the context of recently reported spherical crystallography. Ignace Jarrige X-ray Bragg ptychography is a scanning coherent diffraction imaging microscopy technique that can produce 3D maps of the crystalline structure of an extended nanostructured crystal at about 10nm resolution. HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker sparse-angle Bragg ptychography, the 3D maps can be extracted from an extremely undersampled data-set.

This new strategy substantially reduces the acquisition time and mitigates problems, linked to radiation damage and instabilities, faced by conventional Bragg ptychography.

However, the success of the image reconstruction is based on a good knowledge of the probe, whose uncertainties degrade the object reconstruction. In this talk, we solve this problem by proposing a simultaneous reconstruction of the probe and object functions. This is based on a strong but natural constraint of the probe properties. These findings open new possibilities for this HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker technique. The main part of the talk deals with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering RIXS In 2p3d RIXS one scans through the 2p XAS edge and measures the low energy excitations, including phonons, magnons, dd-excitations and charge transfer.

The present experimental resolution of 30 to meV allows the detailed observation of the electronic structure, including the determination of crystal field parameters, covalency parameters and spin-orbit coupling, but also the momentum dependence of magnons and other low energy excitations. John Hill Nanoemlusions are finding numerous applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food production, HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker synthesis and cosmetics. With the search for broader and improved usage of these unique droplets comes the need to better understand the molecular interactions at the surface that lead to their stabilization.


The studies are a combination of spectroscopic and thermodynamic measurements coupled with theoretical simulations. A case study of cement hydration in nuclear waste cements" Presented by Claire L. Elucidating such phenomena through combined modeling and characterization including synchrotron-based techniques could yield valuable insights on how electrode structure should be designed and tailored at the mesoscale to enable stepwise improvement in battery performance. In this talk, I will first present our recent study on the unique aspects of phase transformation kinetics in Li-ion battery electrodes, using LiFePO4 as a model system. Through combined phase-field modeling and transmission x-ray microscopic observation of Li deintercalation process in LiFePO4 microrods, we discovered that intercalation-induced phase transformations can proceed in several distinct kinetic modes with varied electrochemical conditions and particle geometry.

In particular, a hybrid mode, in which phase growth is surface-reaction-limited or bulk-diffusion-limited along different directions, is revealed for the first time. In the surface-reaction-limited transformation regime, we predict a surprising effect of antisite defects on accelerating phase boundary migration velocity by two orders of magnitude over defect-free LiFePO4 due to defect-induced increase in the surface reaction area. This finding suggests HAMA PEP-100 Portable Speaker engineering as a fruitful approach to enhance the rate performance of intercalation compounds. The second part of this talk concerns the fundamental mechanism of dendrite growth on Li metal surface during electroplating, which presents a major challenge to the adoption of Li metal anodes in rechargeable batteries. Combining Li electroplating experiments and modeling, we obtained a key insight that Li dendrite growth is a stress-driven process, which is initiated by the compressive residual stress developed in deposited Li during battery cycling.

Accordingly, elimination of the plating stress, e.


All that surrounds us is ultimately made of atoms and molecules; these materials are not static—they are dynamic and move. Berrah uses x-rays from light sources and free electron lasers FELs to study how they move, why they move, and what it means to us.

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During her talk, she will share her recent studies on fullerenes, a molecule that may be used for drug delivery systems to the body, in lubricants, and as catalysts. This package contains the files for installing the PEP Portable Speaker Driver. If this package has been installed, updating.


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