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It is easy to get a grasp provided you have the right music. I have been lucky to get my hands on 'beatmatching-genius. I request you all, if you can provide me the names of track that I can use to learn beatmatching. One Genius MP3-DJ all day long gets boring, I am sure u understand what I mean. Find your own style you dig and stick to that till you get it down. It helps to buy tracks where the BPM of the two tracks are close Genius MP3-DJ the same.

Genius - Movie Songs

Like two bpm tracks or what not or one at and the other might even help because then you gotta work for it a Genius MP3-DJ bit assuming you dont just mash the sync button. Welcome to the forum! Asking what tracks to use wont Genius MP3-DJ you to far on here btw. Find your passion and roll with it. I have music, but beatmatching gets difficult when ever there is silence or vocals, it confuses me. Hence I was trying to find music that has constant beats, that I can depend on for beatmatching.

DJ Dren & MP3 Genius

Genius MP3-DJ has various type of music. Can you guide me as to which are the possible songs that can help meet my requirements.

What Genre is such music called? Music where there is less to no vocals but strong beats. You need to learn to beat match when there are vocals. The only way to learn to swim is to jump in the pool. Jamie D Music The best kind of tracks to help you get to grips with the basics of beatmatching should be longer than avarage length and have short vocal samples. Something minutes long that has a constant and clear percussive sound that stops occasionaly giving you a break down to practice beatmatching over. It can be hard to beatmatch tracks when they both have vocals or a lot of bass and they will usually sound bad even when beatmatched perfectly so use tracks that have one or the other but not both.

Don't have too much going on at once. As already advised it's important to use tracks that are in the same BPM ball park that you want to mix in so you don't have to adjust them too much but this is what I always use to calibrate tracks with a drum and bass BPM. It has all the qualitites I need. It's long, clear and after years of replaying I still like it. Initially when the pitch moves top to bottom are high, Genius MP3-DJ have full control. As soon as small adjustments are required, the beats go offsync and I loose track to increase or reduce the pitch. Can you guide me on this? When using jog wheel to make small changes, is there any way to co-relate the jog wheel movement with the pitch control. If I move the jog wheel in clock wise direction does it always mean I have to increase the pitch and viceversa?

Some tips that I used when learning beatmatching, was just having one track looping so that it wouldnt hit a breakdown. This doesnt rush me, and I can really listen and practice without rushing. The MP3-DJ is not stylish, it's not cool, it doesn't dazzle and amaze and it isn't unusually big or small. But it is a solid and sturdy little MP3 player with no concessions made to style or size; the goal was clearly to make everything as accessible, intuitive and as portable as we've come to expect from any flash memory MP3 player.


Weighing in at 1 GB, it's a heavyweight among non-hard disk MP3 players. Its sheer size is kept from becoming frustrating by a simple navigation system, which allows the addition of files Genius MP3-DJ drag and drop, and simple folder browsing on the device itself. These might not seem too important, but for the size and asking price it's nice to see some user Genius MP3-DJ features.


The machine itself is a little bigger than we've come to expect from MP3 players smaller than 4 GB, Genius MP3-DJ majority of this bulk being the battery housing, designed to fit one AAA battery. The previously mentioned driver scanner software has one additional one of a kind attribute, which enables you to to find out whether ones corrupted Genius MP3-DJ has adversely impacted additional drivers within its area. This particular distinctive feature tests your full driver selection, and additionally can make it probable to be able to download updates for the whole list, virtually all by way of a single mouse click.

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