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Slim, yet expensive pickings. Think of it as the Chromebook Pixel of PC gaming. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives available for Haswell-hungry gamers.


If that doesn't fit the bill, Dell offers half a dozen different configurations for the 14 that can undercut and outperform Razer's kit. It isn't the only inch alternative available either: If you're simply after raw power, however, consider the MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 2 -- it has enough oomph to run circles around the competition, but it isn't cheap: There is one more Razer Blade 17" (2012) Intel Chipset we'd like to bring up, but take it with a Razer Blade 17" (2012) Intel Chipset of salt: Please, hold your fire; we aren't suggesting that the MacBook Pro is a reasonable alternative to Razer's premium gaming laptop -- we're suggesting that Apple users might want to take a look at the Blade.

Tit for tat, the Blade only loses on two fronts: The Blade is designed for compatibility with the as-shipped OS.

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Razer Warranty and Support is only available for the as-shipped OS. After updating to Windows 8. Razer has authorized repair centers in every region where the Blade is currently sold. To set up a repair at one of our repair centers please contact our support team at www.

Our support team will be happy to give you a rough estimate of the repair costs, but final costs cannot be determined until the unit is physically inspected at the repair center. Only authorized Razer Repair Centers will have the parts and specialized training required to repair your Razer Blade. Does Razer offer a guide on how to use the Switchblade User Interface? Razer has developed intuitive guides and will continue to develop these guides as more applications are released for the Switchblade User Interface.

Razer Blade review (inch, ): smaller, faster, lighter

For more information on the Switchblade User Interface, please visit www. Because of this unique design, upgrades are not available.

We were able to log up to 13 simultaneous key presses on the chiclet clacker, depressing at least four keys on each row of the board's QWERTY alphabet without conflict. Suffice to say, gamers counting their APM actions per minute shouldn't have any hardware handicaps to contend with here. Display and sound Like Razer Blade 17" (2012) Intel Chipset laptops in its class, the Blade features a luxuriously large It's the kind of looking glass that makes you feel like your rig is only technically portable. Big, yes, but forgivable for the sake of the broad viewing angles it provides -- truly, it's the next best thing to taking your desktop with you.

That said, the Blade's humongous screen isn't the most vibrant we've seen on a gaming rig. The LED-backlit display doesn't have any contrast or color issues, mind you, nor does it have particularly bad viewing angles, color banding or any other common plagues -- it just isn't spectacular. This is a well-balanced monitor -- its colors are bright where they need to be, and its blacks are fairly deep.

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This is a display that won't disappoint, but certainly won't dazzle. It also won't soak up too much glare, featuring a matte finish rather than the glossy mess most displays wear. The unit's speakers are equally average -- though in this case, "par Razer Blade 17" (2012) Intel Chipset the course" is a marked improvement. The first-gen Blade flirted with tinniness and distortion, but we found few hints of either in this refreshed model.

The newest hardware still can't shake the table with significant bass, but it won't distort at maximum volume either. Even so, cranking the Blade to 11 sounds a bit more like dialing in to a modest five -- its acoustic chops simply don't reach very far, and couldn't hope to fill a decently sized room. Of course, the MacBook Pro is a inch laptop, and the Blade is a far wider and larger inch machine.

Razer Blade 17 inch Late - External Reviews

They're apples and oranges, so to speak, but both try the same tactic: The world of inch laptops is an increasingly rarefied one, and few if any are as thin as the Blade. Of course, you can get a far better specced gaming laptop for far more than the single option available on the new Razer Blade, like Alienware; or slightly better specs with a slightly lesser price point, like MSI and ASUS. Reviews for the Razer Blade RZR3U1. 90% Razer Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 10/17/ Source: Razer Blade 17" (2012) Intel Chipset German DE→. How can I update my Razer Blade Pro or version to Windows 10?


GTXM design that is integrated into the motherboard and does not utilize a.

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