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It's a problem with the left ports for sure. My bet is it's a design flaw, either their not properly grounded, or they're not getting enough power to them or the controller they're plugged into.

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Funny how Asus couldn't just duplicate the function of the right side ports to the left side ports, seems the same adapter could be used as well. I won't if you could Razer Blade 17 Renesas USB 3.0 a spare part from the right side and fit it to the left side I have run an unpowered external USB 3. I ran those tests when there were posts about incompatibility issues with USB ports on the G, as you pointed out. There were nowhere near as many posts about it then as there are now, there seems to be a much higher compatibility failure rate now as then.

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This is the USB 3. At first Razer Blade 17 Renesas USB 3.0 was running the bios as that was the latest and greatest from this site off the ASUS home page: This led to the same issues everyone else is experiancing. I tested against two external USB 3. Both connected and showed up fine however under load the WD would disconnect and the generic enclosure would bottom out to zero data being transferred then pick back up after a while Then I found this site http: Now both disk perform flawlessly.

I only bother to mention as Beststevie's link is for the JT and I had assumed at first was not available for the JYs due to the split listings on the two different support sites Exact same issue even after the update. Are you using a Y-cord for power?

Razer Blade 17" (2011) Drivers Download

I would not expect a 3. If you had a system where it did work that way it probably didn't strictly follow USB specs, many laptops supply grater than ma it is not a defect if this laptop supplies USB spec amperage. I would actually be surprised if you could run any 3. No, of course I do not run a 3. Someone else also posted who also had the same issue with WD drives.


Drives Razer Blade 17 Renesas USB 3.0 to disconnect and reconnect from the computer repeatedly while it is not transferring any data. This can be identified by notifications such as the sound of a USB device being disconnected or the pop-up on the bottom right of the screen. Autoplay dialog appears repeatedly after closing it, or the device temporarily disappears from the Explorer. The drive sometimes disconnects and immediately reconnects during small data transfers, which may cause an error message such as Delayed Write Failed. Western Digital has found that a small number of newer computer systems with USB 3. Resolution to the issue at hand requires to guide the Customer to disable the advanced USB 3.

This is done within a vendor provided utility USB 3. Another option, if available, is to guide the Customer to connect the drive to a USB 3. The reason is because many USB 3.

Ensure that the USB 3. If the drive does not disconnect and reconnect as before, it is safe to assume that the advanced power management feature is causing the issue in the USB 3. Make sure to let the Customer know that it is likely that the issue will occur most often when the drive is idle.

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With smaller, infrequent data transfers, the drive may disconnect during the data transfer resulting in an error message that the file transfer did not complete. During large data transfers, however, the device may stay connected as normal.

Now for what happened that fixed everything. There is a checkbox when removing a driver using Device Manager that allow removing all software from the machine. I had the new. Razer Blade 17 Renesas USB 3.0 soon as I removed the USB 3. I thought I would just do a hard restart and at least I could use the machine. Restart would not re-install the USB 3. BLUETOOTH - Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth + High Speed Adapter CONTROLLER - RENESAS Electronics USB Host Controller · Download. HP ProBook s - " - Core i5 M - Windows 7 Pro bit - 8 GB RAM - GB HDD USB 3 must be installed in the notebook of the Renesas Electronics USB -1 BMD Intensity Shuttle / USB has been a problem child.

3) The Razer Blade (GeForce GTX ): No reports anywhere of how it does as a.

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