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In the diagrams below: Set a static IP on the interface in a private subnet not already in use in the network.

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For instance, you could set the IP address to Save and apply those settings. If there are any "HNA" configurations for the Wired interface, remove them.

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Set its mode to "Ether". Follow the steps above on the second node as well.

Make sure when you set the IP that you set Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point to a different address in the same subnet you configured above. In the example given, you could set the address to Commotion node connected to a home or business router In this scenario, we want to set up an indoor router to provide access to the mesh or to the Internet inside a building. There is currently no Internet connection Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point this building, so we want to receive it from the mesh. The router will then be able to access the Internet if there is a connection somewhere in the mesh.

The way Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point works: Commotion nodes will automatically attempt to receive a DHCP lease get an IP address on their Ethernet port when plugged in on start-up. If they fail to receive one such as in this scenariothey will hand out addresses to connected devices such as the indoor router instead.

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point Outdoor

This makes it important to make sure Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point devices are plugged in to the correct ports. This scenario should work out of the box without further configuration. Most home routers have the plastic around this port in another color, such as blue or yellow. Otherwise, this will just be labeled "WAN".

Commotion Node connected to a gateway Commotion nodes Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point automatically attempt to receive a DHCP lease on their wired port when it is plugged in. If they fail to receive one, they will attempt to hand out addresses to connected devices instead.

Wireless Outdoor, wireless access point, wireless bridge, or wireless router

This can make it important in certain cases to make sure that devices are activated in the correct order. Make sure that the Commotion node is plugged into the "LAN" port of the router. It is important to make sure that the router is fully up and functional before plugging the Commotion node into it. In the event of a Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point loss or other interruption of connectivity, make sure the router is turned on first. If the Commotion node comes up before the router, it may not receive an IP address from the router.

In this case, reset just the Commotion node after the router is running. Commotion nodes connected through a switch or router Commotion can be used in tandem with other equipment for more complex installation and set-ups.

Ubiquiti Nano Station M2 - Wireless Acess Point - AirMax (NSM2) - White

These directions will assume the simplest case for the diagram below: These could be omnidirectional or directional devices. This connects all of the devices in this example together with Ethernet connections.


This could be a DSL or Cable modem, a router with access to another network, a Point-to-Point bridge, or another type of connection. This is not a Commotion device.

This should work automatically without further configuration. Make Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point that the DHCP server the router boots up first, otherwise you may get unexpected results. If you are concerned about power outages or boot order, you may want to follow the directions below: At the bottom of the page, under the interfaces section, click on the "Add" button. On the next page, select the "Wired" interface under "Network", then select "Ether" for the Mode.

Commotion nodes and a client Access Point connected through a switch In this example, we have several two or more Commotion nodes on the roof of a building, connecting to the mesh. We also have a client router inside the network. Hello Ubiquiti NSM2 Access Point would like to use the NanostationM2 NSM2 as access point not station so that other users with smartphones or laptop can connect on  Solved: Setup Nanostation M2 as access point w/ dsl. This article is no longer supported and will not be updated further. We recommend to use our line of UniFi Wireless products for WiFi.

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