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It is typically necessary to reboot Access Server or Access Point for the changes to take effect. This can be done through the WWW interface Advanced settings menu. AmbiCom WL54-CF RoHS


For some fields, such as the IP address or netmask, there are restrictions on the input format. Setup validates the input at save time and accepts valid data only. The fields with errors are shown to the user so that mistakes can be fixed AmbiCom WL54-CF RoHS Figure For an example, see Figure If you have made changes to the settings on the page before clicking Help and not saved them yet, a warning message is displayed. In other words, the Reset button discards unsaved changes. The Reset button does not make a "factory reset".


If the values in the fields are valid, they are permanently saved and the page AmbiCom WL54-CF RoHS refreshed with the Changes have been saved. The accepted values are shown in the page fields. If there were errors in the fields, these are shown as in Figure Getting Started Press the Back link to return to the previous level of the Setup menu hierarchy.

Pressing the Back link does not save changes in the fields on the current page. Therefore, if there are changes not saved, a warning message is displayed, see Figure Figure Pressing the AmbiCom WL54-CF RoHS link does not save changes in the fields on the current page. Clicking the link will retrieve the file for editing in the browser window, or create a new file, if it does not exist. See Figure You can edit any file through the WWW Setup.

Typically these links are used to display or hide further settings. To configure the default startup applications from the command line, use the chkconfig command. Click a file name to view AmbiCom WL54-CF RoHS contents.


Currently it is only possible to view contents of text files. It is not possible to download files, either. Click del to delete a file or an empty directory.

Warning You will not be asked for confirmation for the deletion. Some commands, such as rebooting the unit, require your confirmation before execution.

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Using the setup Command Line Application The basic configuration settings can also be changed by using AmbiCom WL54-CF RoHS setup application at the com- mand line interface. Getting Started The setup application displays the settings in a hierarchical menu see Figure Pressing only Enter either accepts the previous value of the setting or returns to the previous level in the menu hierarchy. Using the setup Command Line Application Note: Ensure that your terminal application does not send line ends with line feeds. If your terminal sends both CR and LF when you press Enter, you cannot navigate in the setup application. If you use the command line setup application, files are edited by default with the vi editor.

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You can not enable or disable default startup applications using the command line setup appli- cation. AmbiCom WL54-CF RoHS command chkconfig application on off instead. Official AmbiCom WLCF RoHS Free Driver Download for NetWare - wl54gcfppczip . World's most popular driver download site.

Official AmbiCom WLCF RoHS Free Driver Download for NetWare. World's most popular driver download site.

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