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This equates to an average of eight years of trouble-free use.


Exabyte EXB-218 Library EXB is backed up with a two-year warranty covering Exabyte parts and return-to-factory labor. One feature which gives the EXB a high level of functionality is its modular design. Key components such as tape drives, data cartridges, robotics, electronics and the power supply can be quickly removed and replaced. This ensures easy servicing and a significant reduction in downtime. At the same time, the investment these environments have made in 4mm technology can be protected.


Hewlett-Packard entered the information-storage business 24 years ago when it began manufacturing and selling magnetic-disk drives. When this message appears, enter the number corresponding to the jukebox that you wish to configure. Note that if jbconfig was able to detect only one SCSI jukebox on the system, it will go ahead and select that jukebox as the one to be configured with- out waiting for the user to make the selection. This also applies to situations where there are multiple SCSI jukeboxes on the system and all but one are already configured in NetWorker. Even in this case jbconfig goes ahead and automatically selects the one that has not Exabyte EXB-218 Library been configured without waiting for the user to make a selection. If you choose to Exabyte EXB-218 Library an SJI compliant jukebox, jbconfig will print a list of known SJI Jukeboxes and will prompt you for the appropriate type that you want to configure.

Administrator's Guide

Enter the number corresponding to the type of jukebox you are installing: When this message appears, enter the number corresponding to the appropriate model, for example, if you are installing an HP optical jukebox select the number "22". For all jukebox types, jbconfig prompts you for the name you want to call this jukebox. This is a convenient way for you to Exabyte EXB-218 Library the jukebox for yourself and NetWorker, for example, 'Engineering Autochanger'. For all jukebox types, jbconfig prompts you for a description of this jukebox.

This is another convenient way for you to identify the jukebox for yourself, for example, 'Engineering 4 Drive DLT Autochanger on Rack 2'. For SJI jukebox types, jbconfig prompts you for the name of the control port associated with Exabyte EXB-218 Library jukebox being configured.

For Autodetected SCSI jukeboxes, jbconfig detects the correct name and goes ahead with the configuration. This name is in the form of libscsi devices see libscsi 8.

For SJI compliant jukeboxes, no such detection is done. The name you enter should either be the device name for the jukebox as described in any third party Exabyte EXB-218 Library compliant driver installed, or the format used for autodetected jukeboxes.

Exabyte EXB-218 Library A list of attached autochangers can be obtained by running the changers 8 command. If the juke- box model is a SCSI or SJI based jukebox, jbconfig will attempt to query the jukebox about various internal parameters for example, number of slots and drives. If this query fails, it is possible that there is a device driver installation problem or a hardware problem. Next, if the jukebox contains tape devices, you are asked if automated cleaning of devices in the jukebox should be turned on. If automated cleaning is enabled, the jukebox and all devices in the jukebox are configured for automated cleaning. On successful installation, the information that pertains to device cleaning for the jukebox and all its devices are dis- played.

Exabyte EXB-218 Library

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Schedule- based cleaning is always active Exabyte EXB-218 Library autocleaning is enabled. At this point, the user has an option of either going ahead with automatic configuration of the jukebox, accepting all detected information and default choices as correct, or choosing to cus- tom configure some Exabyte EXB-218 Library all aspects of the configuration, includ- ing configuring devices as NDMP or shared devices, configuring drives that were not detected by jbconfig, or changing the model type of any of the detected devices. The user can choose to go the custom configuration route by answering 'yes' to the follow- ing question: Do you want to change the model s or configure them as shared or NDMP drives?

If the user chose 'yes' to configuring NDMP devices, jbconfig proceeds to prompt the user for this information. NDMP devices require a user Exabyte EXB-218 Library and password to be entered for each device.

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The user name and password correspond to the entries set in Exabyte EXB-218 Library NDMP server. If the user chose 'yes' to configuring shared drives, the user is prompted for multiple device paths for each physical drive in the jukebox.

Device Support - BarracudaWare / Yosemite Technologies

These device paths would typically be located on different storage nodes within a Exabyte EXB-218 Library zone, under the control of one NetWorker Server. Drives or device paths on remote nodes are to be entered in the "host:Free download, review of Exabyte EXB Library Firmware (Tandberg Data).

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The company offers secondary storage products based on tape drives. Free download, review of Exabyte EXB Library Firmware Exabyte EXB Library Firmware (Popularity:): Tandberg Data is a leading.

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