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Card ReaderIntroduction1 - When We suggest youProcedures suchrepeated here foTo make the disthe figure willlists the relevantassembly procedous disassemblyA box with a An example of tOverview 2 - Information contained under give a synopsis Clevo M660SM665S WLAN the sequence of procedures involved in the disassembly procedure. A box with a parts you will have after the disassembly process is complete. The parts listed will be for the dis-ure listed ONLY, and not any previous disassembly step s required.

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Refer to the part list for the previ- procedure. Clevo M660SM665S WLAN amount of screws you should be left with will be listed here also. A box with a contains warnings. Information WarningDisassembly2 - 2 Overvi2. All disassembly procedures assume that the system is turned OFF, and disconnected from any power supply thebattery is removed too.

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M3 Philips-head screwdriver M2. Locking collar sockets for ribbon connectors To release these connectors, use a small flat-head screwdriver togently pry the Clevo M660SM665S WLAN collar away from its base.


When replac-ing the connection, make sure the connector is oriented in thesame way. The pin1 side is usually not indicated. Pressure sockets for multi-wire connectors To release this connector type, grasp it at its head and Clevo M660SM665S WLAN it from side to side as you pull it out.

Do not pull on thewires themselves. When replacing the connection, do not try toforce it. The socket only fits one way.

Pressure sockets for ribbon connectors To release these connectors, use a small pair of needle-nose pli-ers to gently lift the connector away from its socket. When re-placing the connection, make sure the connector is oriented inthe same way. Board-to-board or multi-pin Clevo M660SM665S WLAN To separate the boards, gently rock them from side to side asyou pull them apart.

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If the connection is very tight, use Clevo M660SM665S WLAN smallflat-head screwdriver - use just enough force to start. DisassemblyMaintenance PrecautionsThe following precautions are a reminder. Be careful Before remoWhen you w6. Beware of Before handprinted circuyou use an 8. Beware of duce oils Clevo M660SM665S WLAN. Keep your to charged s If the computer falls, the case and other could be damaged. Note the proximity of any heating elements.

Keep the computer out of direct sunlight. You should also monitor of magnetized tools i. This is an electrical appliance. If water or any other liquid gets Clevo M660SM665S WLAN it, the computer could be badly with power.


Avoid accidental shocks, discharges or explosions. Do not pull on the wire. Turn off and detach any peripherals. ICs, such as the CPU and main support chips, are vulnerable to static electricity. When handling a it board, do not use gloves or other materials which allow static electricity buildup. Clevo M660SM665S WLAN suggest that anti-static wrist strap instead.

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As you perform your job, avoid touching any connector leads. Even the cleanest hands pro-ich can attract corrosive elements. Tobacco smoke, dust or other air-born particulate matter is often attracted urfaces, reducing performance. When removing or replacing any part, be careful not to leave small parts, such as e inside Clevo M660SM665S WLAN computer.

WarningBefore you undertakeany upgrade proce-dures, make sure thatyou have turned off thepower, and discon-nected all peripheralsand cables includingtelephone lines. It isadvisable to also re-move your battery inorder Clevo M660SM665S WLAN prevent acci-dentally turning themachine on. Disassembly2 - 4 Overvi2.

DisassemblyDisassembly StepsThe following table lists the disassembly steps, and on which page to find the related information. To remove the Battery: Remove the battery page 2 - 5To remove the HDD: CLEVO is the professional notebook computer manufacturer for distributors, and is also Clevo M660SM665S WLAN of the world's most preferred OEM/ODM partners. Download Driver. Model:MS/MS Driver Type: ALL, /9/ Optional Device, WLAN driver for Windows XP.USA · ASIA.

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